Echoes of Her Soul

Echoes of Her Soul: A Reverse Harem Fantasy (Soul Tenders Book 2) by [Lindahl, Serena]The second installment of the Soul Tender series, Echoes of her Soul is the continuation of Kiarra and her five soul matches. The soul tenders have told the king of Megreria that not only does Kiarra belong in the castle but that she has a soul match from each of the five houses. Each of her matches are meant to live with her in the castle teaching her and training her in their specific houses. Mason of the Military House, Ian of the Spy House, Clay of the Merchant House, Sebastian of the Planner house, and lastly Reed of the Scholar House. With each of her matches near, Kiarra becomes more skilled in each of the houses abilities. Not only does Kiarra learn, but each of the guys learns about becoming the leaders to help the royalty which she has learned she is meant to become in place of the cruel prince. Reed discovers a journal written by one of the first queens of Megreria.  Kiarra is the only one that can open and learns that she and her siblings on her father’s side were one of her children from her ancestors soul match from the merchant house. Things begin to get complicated within the castle with the prince learning about his father’s change in succession.

This is such a great second book.  The characters are still intriguing and Kiarra becomes pretty badass while she learns to use her knowledge.  She never cares about the restrictions on Clay and I liked that Serena wrote showing Clay and Sebastian not afraid to ask the other guys for help.  The fact that the male characters don’t care about being thought of as overly manly make each of the guys so much more likeable. The flow of the story is so well done and makes the reader want to keep going.  Like the first book, this one is also written from a changing point of view from each of the main characters.  I totally recommend this series to anyone looking to read a bit different reverse harem.  This book does get much steamer, compared to the slow burn of the first.  There is some super sexy scenes that make the book more in depth.


Hope you enjoy. Pick up Book Two, Echoes of Her Soul.


Grab your copy of Book One Pieces of her Soul here.


Book three, Harmon of their Souls will be released January 24, 2018. Pre-Order your copy here. 


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