Dragon’s Blood

dragons bloodThe second instalment of the Dragon’s Gift Trilogy from Jasmine Walt and May Sage is such a great second book to the series. Dragon’s Blood picks up right where Dragon’s Gift leaves off.

Idonea: So if you didn’t read the first one, start now and then come back to read this review and to buy your copy at the end if this review.

The war is being lost, the dragons are losing to the elves and the elves have demanded a political prisoner. Dareena is being forced to Elvenhame. Unwilling to allow her to go alone, Alistair is chosen to go with her. Treated as common prisoners and not the royalty they are, Dareena and Alistair are forced to ride in an open wagon in front of all of Dragonfell. The princes and Dareena learn that the elves have a warlock spell that transforms any person in dragon form back human, killing three of the royal sisters. Drystan remains to act as head of the country in wake of Dareena and Alistair’s confinement. Lucyan is still recovering from his injury inflicted by his father and goes towards his brother to offer his help with the war effort.

During this time, Drystan and Lucyan come to the realization that their father prior to his insanity spirited away all of the riches of the country. The brothers come to realize that their coffers are empty and they have no way to pay for anything. Lucyan didn’t plan on sitting still and he went looking for answers at the temple, asking the Dragon god for advice. He found out more things then he asked for and gets an option to help Dareena and Alistair. As for Dareena and Alistair, the passing into the Elven lands has made Alistair super ill and he became almost too ill to function at the level he would have in Dragonfell. Upon arriving in the Elvenhame capital, Dareena befriends the Elven princess Basilla, high priestess to the Elven goddess, the same goddess that had cursed the Dragon’s prior.

Amanda & Idonea: We wouldn’t want to give away any more than the basics of the story, since we feel this is a great series.

A: Jasmine and May have knocked it out of the park with this one. The writing is seamless and gets even steamier in this book adding to the overall story. Lucyan still is my favorite character, though each of the brothers and even Dareena grow more in depth throughout this second story.
I: It is great to find out that the grow, that they learn more about themselves and their relationships. And I liked how the book turned out, how the twist are and where the book goes. Still like all the boy’s and love Dareena, her willingness to trust people she doesn’t know. And that she trust herself to stand tall when she needs too.

A: The new characters introduced are prefect additions to the continuation of the Dragon’s Gift. The continued style of the chapters being written from a different point of view from each of the princes and Dareena creates such a pleasure to read.
I: It gives something more.

Like other Jasmine Walt series this is one to read again and again.
If you haven’t read Book one Dragon’s Gift, check out the review here.
And pick up your copy of Dragon’s Blood here.
Looking forward to book three Dragon’s Curse due out December 28, 2017, Pre-Order your copy here

Have a nice read,

Amanda & Idonea



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