Pieces of Her Soul

Pieces of Her Soul: A Reverse Harem Fantasy (Soul Tenders Book 1) by [Lindahl, Serena]The first in the Soul Tenders series, Pieces of Her Soul by Serena Lindahl is a unique reverse harem.  Kiarra is as her schoolmaster states a disaster. While everyone else in Megreria have a place within one of the five Houses.  No these aren’t like Harry Potter houses, but could be grouped a bit more like the Divergent series.  This is not post apocalyptic Earth like Divergent, this is in fact its own world.  Unlike other stories that have Houses, people test into these house and are required to by the time they are 19.  The houses range from Military, Spy, Merchants, Planners and Scholars.  Kiarra is born to a Rank 2, where rank 1 is the highest and Rank 4 and commoner is the lowest.  Her mother is a Rank 2 scholar married to a lower level Merchant that is a drunkard jealous of his wifes scores even though they are supposed to be Soul Matches.  Kiarra has an older brother that she was very close with and a younger sister that is very much like her father. Her brother is a Planner while her sister is getting ready to test and will be placed in the Merchant house.  Kiarra, unlike everyone else doesn’t fit into one of the houses. She, in practice tests, either does amazingly well or bombs every test she takes.  Kiarra doesn’t understand why she isn’t able to fit into a place.  Her main supporter is that of her mother, the one person besides her brother that doesn’t think there is anything wrong with her learning styles.

When for dinner her brother comes to visit, he has a vision changing him into a Soul Tender, the seers that help people to find their soul matches.  In Megreria, having a soul match makes the couple stronger and more complete. As her brother is getting ready to be taken to the castle to serve the king, he tells her to trust in five men.  She doesn’t know what it means, but over the course of a few days after her brothers removal, Kiarra is introduced to five different men from each of the Houses that she can’t get out of her mind.


I really enjoyed this book.  I think one of the best parts in the book is the fact that one of the five men is handicap unlike most men in Reverse Harem books.  He has minimal use of his legs and walks with crutches to support his body weight.  I loved that Kiarra can overlook this, while when her sister turns her nose up.  The writing is well thought out and flows so well between chapters. Each chapter is written from a different point of view showing not only the internal ideas of each of the six main characters, but also into the different houses and what each one has to go through. The relationship between Kiarra and her mother is so awesome because her mom believes in her and that just strengthens her resolve and her beauty as a kick butt main character.  


Book two is available now. But before you read that review, get a copy of Pieces of Her Soul here.


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