Dragon’s Gift

dragons giftThe first revers harem published by Jasmine Walt and co-author by May Sage, Dragon’s Gift is the first in this fantasy trilogy. Dragon’s Gift follows the tale of Dareena, a girl that works in an inn in Hallowdale, an outer city of Dragonfell, she has raven hair and is good of heart. She is lusted after by the owner of the inn, but with the laws she is unavailable until after the choosing of the Dragon’s Gift. In Dragonfell a curse was placed by the Elven goddess only allowing the Dragon king to have full blooded dragon shifting childer. Others have the blood, but they are unable to actually become dragons. The Dragon’s Gift is one women chosen by the Dragon God to be the mate of the king and has the ability to bear his children that can also shift from human to dragon. Three woman from each of the provinces are picked and sent to the castle for one to be picked. When the choosing day comes to Hallowdale, Dareena, though different from previous Dragon’s Gift (all were redhead or strawberry blondes), is chosen by displaying her beauty through not just looks but her character as well. Dareena is sent with two others from town to make her way to the Castle. But one issue doesn’t seem to the possible Dragon’s Gifts, which of the three brothers is meant to take the Dragon’s Gift for his bride.

The Dragonfell kingdom was blessed with not one son but a set of triplet male heirs. Drystan, the oldest and the most regulated in day to day of the country, Lucyan, the middle son and the one learning and building his own spy network and lastly Alistair, the youngest and the brother that has served and command men and women of the military. Each of the men have the chance to rule, but since their mother’s death five years earlier, their father has been going mad and refuses to choose a successor.
Everything for Dareena and the three princes changes once Dareena is chosen as the Dragon’s Gift. The three princes must woo her and gain her affections to be the possible next King. Who will she chose and how will the mad king play in to it.

Amanda: Jasmine Walt is one of my favorite authors, so I knew that, even though it was her first attempt at Reverse Harem she had the potential to knock it out of the park.
Idonea: I never heard of Jasmine Walt before this book, so I didn’t know it was her first RH, still it didn’t make a different for me, I loved the book right away.

A: This was the first time that I had read anything with May Sage contributing and it was a great addition.

Dareena is an extremely likeable character and her desire to help others only adds to her beauty that was wat we both liked about her.

A: It was enjoyable that she was so different form the other characters, being a commoner to the nobility, Dareena grows through her relationships with the princes and those around her.
I: There are so many books with a low born girl and she becomes a princess or a high nobility that it gets old from time to time. Only Jasmine, placed it like something casual, it just happened, that is how every girl dreams about it. You are picked and have to roll with it. And that is wat Dareena does, she just rolls with it and it makes me like her more.

A: And then we have the prince, they are written well but Lucyan with his crudeness and attitude was my favorite.
I: I have to say, and this is a first one for me, I don’t have favorite, I like them all. Really cheesy today.
A: It is great to read from each of the perspectives of either Dareena or one of the princes, so knowing what is happening away from the female lead of the book added an extra depth to the story.
I: It is great that they did that, only I got confused sometimes, maybe because I forgot to read the titles of every new chapter. Still, it is true what Amanda said, it gives a depth to the book that you don’t find when it is written from one perspective. And it is nice to know what the guys think, I’m always asking myself, what do they think when it is written from one perspective.

We both loved the book, we love Jasmine Walt and May Sage, we love that they worked on this together and gave us a great story to read, to fall in love with end simply enjoy.

So got your copy of Dragon’s Gift here

And pick up a copy of Book 2 Dragon’s Blood here.

Book three, Dragon’s Curse will be available December 28th, Pre-Order your copy here.

And keep watching Under the Bookmark for more reviews and Q&A’s from your favorite authors.

Have a nice read,

Amanda & Idonea


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