Blood Oath

blood oath

I finished Blood Oath by Raye Wagner and Kelly St. Care. This is the first time I read a book from them. And I have to say, I loved the book, it was so great! I hated that it ended.

The story is about a seventeen year old girl named Rynnie “Ryn”.
Ryn and her mom live in zone seven in a land called Verald. Here she works in the cranes nest where you find her boss and friend Dyter. Living her life like every other day, serving potatoes….. There is not enough food and a greedy king Irdelron on the throne, this is a recipe for problems and so there is one, the country is starting a rebellion and Ryn is caught in the middle of it. One day she is captured by Lord Irrik the Drae of the king. Lord Irrik is sworn to the king to do whatever tells him to, a Blood Oath, and he is feared by everyone. He brings Ryn to the castle where she is placed in the dungeons. And here she learns to survive and what it means to have everything taken away from you.

I really loved this story, it isn’t the normal happy story you read in almost every book, I would have loved a little more darkness, but that is my taste. It was well balanced and I didn’t find any moment that you would think, ‘o hey this is another writer.’ It was seamless. I love the characters, Lord Irrik is great, a mysterious, annoying, frustrating and a little distracted Drae/human and Ryn she is just a girl, nothing really special, oke only what she is, still she is like you or me. I felt connect to her, I hope that you will feel the same. I read that readers found her a little too young sometimes, I could see that, still she is seventeen and I’m twenty seven and I think like that sometimes (please don’t blame me for feeling young). I’m really curious about book two, and hated that it will not arrive until February 8th. Long long wait here. If you want to read something different, a nice read and a book that sucks you in (it happened to me) then this is something you want to read.

Get your copy of Blood Oath here and start reading this awesome book.

Have a nice read.




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