Ash (Hive Trilogy Book 1) by [Stone, Leia, Eve, Jaymin]

The first installment of the Hive Trilogy. Written by Leia Stone and Jaymin Eve.
We know Jaymin Eve from her other books we reviewed, Curse of the Gods Series. So this promised to be a good book. And I wasn’t disappointed.

Ash is about Charlie, a female. Really important that part.
Years ago an infected bat bit a group of humans and turned them into vampires. The male vampires couldn’t keep it in their pants and knocked up some female humans and that resulted in a gorgeous race of male Ash. Superhumans that had all the perks of being a vampire and still could walk in the sunlight. Charlie is the first female Ash, or how she likes to call herself, the unicorn of the hive.

The hive is a gated compound in Portland that the humans have designated to isolate vampires and ash from regular society. Only there is one problem, the hive is getting full. So not every ash can have a place in the hive. And there are no exceptions not even for the unicorn Charlie. She needs to survive the culling, a series of fights to the death. Yeah, if you don’t make, it you will die.
Lucky for her, there is Ryder, the mysterious lead ash enforcer, who has her back most of the time. When the secrets are revealed it will take all her power to survive.

I liked the book, it is a fun read. It isn’t one of my favourite books. Still it made me laugh. I liked the way they made Charlie come alive, she is a normal girl that gets stuck into something abnormal. And how you could deal with that, or better said how Charlie deals what that makes it great. The story has great points, like how they vampires started with a virus, how the ash become ash when they get to be twenty. It made it something different for me. I liked the depth in the story every character has something to tell and something to add to the story. I didn’t notice that this book was written by two different people. Which is great and definitely a recommendation from me. And I will certainly read book two Anarchy to find out what will happen with Charlie and Ryder and his enforcers.


Check out Ash and get your copy

Have a nice read.



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