Marked by Power

Marked by Power (The Marked Series Book 1) by [Rose, Cece, Bailey, G.]From the joint minds of Cece Rose and G. Bailey, Marked by Power is the first in the Marked Series. Main character MacKenzie Crowe is preparing with her best friend Kelly and others her age to begin attending the Marked Academy, a special school for those marked by anywhere from 1 to 12 special skills.  The average students marked have between 3 to 7, with extremely powerful students having 10.  In the marking ceremony, Kenzie goes into the water and comes out with 12 marks the most anyone can have.  Not that anyone has ever had that many before. While her best friend enters the school with only 2.  Each mark is attributed with a different skill from controlling different elements (water, fire, earth, air), to being able to shift into an animal, to the unknown that is her 12th mark.  With her skills so erratic Kenzie is given older students that are forced to sit in classes with her after a little accident on her first day in her fire class. (Okay will not so little).  

Kenzie is thrown together with her brothers best friend Easton, twins Locke and Logan, Enzo, and one of her teachers Mr. Daniels.  This begins to become necessary as Kenzie’s life is put at risk. While this is a reverse harem, one woman with multiple males is how each of the parents and families are raised so it makes this reverse harem a little different as it is expected of relationships in this world.  It makes the story stronger that it isn’t something new or unusually in this story world.


This book is seamless written between the two authors. It is such a great story with a strong female lead that even though there is lots of crap going on in her life. The book is written from the different character’s point of views and adds to the storytelling.  Each of the leads’ personal experiences add so much to the story.  While Enzo is totally a dick, he is written so strongly.  I love the twins and how similar they are but how different they are too.  They reminded me a little of George and Fred Weasley, just sexier and flirtier with Kenzie. CeCe and Gemma have come together to create a wonderful story that makes me sad I have to wait until February 8th, 2018  for Marked by Pain.


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