Academy of Magic

Academy of Magic (Dragon's Gift: The Valkyrie Book 2) by [Hall, Linsey]The most recent release in the Dragon’s Gift series, Academy of Magic strengthens the plot of Bree, the Unknown. Two weeks have passed, similar to the release of this book since the last book, Undercover Magic.  Bree and her sister Ana have begun their training with the Undercover Protectorate Academy.  Bree now without the talisman to ground her is trying to learn how to focus and master her sonic boom and her new water powers.  She has been found to be to dangerous around the other trainees that she often has to learn one on one.  She sees, while playing magical capture the flag, this one has a magical T-Rex, a poisonous magic coming from the portal to the Fae realm. From the portal, a inky substance appears in a humanoid form calling her name attempting to coax her through.  Bree returns to the others of the Protectorate to tell them. While she had seen an inky black tar, everyone else sees only a gray of the poison trying to cross. Bree is sent away with the hopes that Jude and Hedy, leaders of the Protectorate, can figure out more about it.

But Bree has other things to worry about.  The new recruits are getting their mentors and the one person Bree wants to see a little more intimately, even after he turned her down is destined to be her teacher.  Cade after being gone since the kiss in the last book shows himself. He begins trying to teach Bree and get caught up in the crisis affecting the Fae portal. It’s decided upon that Bree and Cade with go through the portal to see what is causing all of the issues bleeding into their world.  Can Bree and Cade figure out what is wrong and how it relates to Bree being an unknown?


The second book, though 17th in the series is fantastical in its descriptions of not only the Fae lands, but what lays beyond. I have read many books and this one was one of the first to describe an Earth Fae this way and I thought it was wonderful.  I love all of the linking to different types of mythology, not just sticking to Celtic, like Cade, grows a more complete world. I love involvement of Caro, Haris and Ali in this book and was happy to see them in such a large role. Bree as a character is finally getting to grow up and I like how it looks on her. She is not holding onto Ana as the only person she can trust and the things it is doing for her character might make her my favorite yet.

Cade drives me a little crazy with his indecisive ways, but I would be happy for him to stick around. Looking forward to book 3.


If you haven’t read Book 1 yet, check out my review here and pick up a copy here


Get your copy of Academy of Magic here.


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