Coven of Magic

Coven of Magic: A Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy (The Demon Hunter Trilogy Book 1) by [Silver, Leah]Coven of Magic author Leah Silver’s first foray into Reverse Harem is the story of Merry a human woman turned vampire along with her 15 year old daughter, Sara, centuries prior by a young man, Dean, courting Sara at the beginning of the book.  Merry becomes one of the worlds best demon hunters working for a council of gathered supernatural races.  Merry is called upon by the council to find out why and how a new plague is affecting the vampire race.  Only three people worldwide had so far been affected and Merry did not see it as a real threat.  While in her council meeting she makes an enemy of Devlin, another vampire.  To work with her to figure out what the plague is and where it comes from Merry is assigned four associates, other supernaturals that are suppose to be hunky.  Levi, the vampire pathologist, Ed, the wizard, Ike, the werewolf, and Oscar, a gargoyle.  Each of these men bring a certain skill from magic to hunting to the group though Merry isn’t interested in joining them.

After Sara is infected by the plague, Merry takes up with the four men in a way to cure Sara.  She suspects Devlin of some involvement but is unsure how to best him as he has seer abilities.  Merry and her group go on hunts in order to undercover a way to save her daughter.

While the attempt on this book was good, I could not find much interest in the story.  I felt like it dragged and I had to bring myself back to it numerous times in order to finish.  I didn’t find Merry likeable at all, and what happened to her never mattered to me.  I liked the four men that were interested in her, but they were the highlight of the story.  Merry was too caught up in herself and a little too obsessed with her daughter just because she was still considered 15, though she had been around for hundreds of years.  Her clinginess made her creepy to me.  I did like the Fae Queen Tempest and wouldn’t have mind having her in the story more.  I did like that vampires in this story didn’t feed off of humans but off of demons and that how they received their nutrients.  I would love to hear what others think of this book.  Let me know in the comments.


Pick up your copy here.


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