Elements of Ruin

Elements of Ruin (Hijinks Harem Book 2) by [Stunich, C.M., James, Tate]

Elements of Ruin, the second installment of the Hijink Harem is here. Written by C.M Stunich and Tate James.
The book picks up right after the run in with Bio Dad and Many Moms in Ari’s front yard. The boys and Ari are rather beat up and have to deal with a new predicament in the former of Ari’s other best friend Siobhan, a succubus and Warden/Max showing up. Siobhan informs Ari that she knows where her 6th elemental husband is and that in fact she had been dating him for the last few months. Ari being the naïve and good soul she is doesn’t want to stand in between the two. But the only problem is, Dustin her sixth has been stolen and is being held by Chaos United Movement, or better know through the whole book as C.U.M.

Amanda: And believe me, the laughs that C.U.M and C.O.C.S (Committee of Combined Supernatural) create when referenced throughout the whole story. It was so good…. 

Reg can barely keep it together anytime it is mentioned. Ari attempts to work through her feelings that she still holds for Warden/Max and the fact that her bestie is in love with her metal elemental. Ari works on developing her skills, but with the slut shaming and overall disgust from her Mother-in-Law, Joan, Ari has a lot of issues. Ari gets to be sexed up and have her pipes cleared in excess in this book in the most hot of scenes.
Stunich and James are never afraid to have bi-sexual scenes and it just makes each sex scene hotter. And Ari appreciated the idea as well especially after learning how Warden brought Dustin into the sept.

A: This book is full of laughs and it was so hard to put down.
Idonea: I spend a Sunday reading it and it was worth it. I was so happy to hear that this book came out Sunday. And it was fun, and I mean really fun.

Ari only grows stronger, no thanks to her crappy MIL, though still could use some help.

I: And I finally found out what MIL means, Mother-in-Law, thank you Amanda.
A: You’re welcome. George is just as wonderful and I would love two of him though I love Warden’s crazy version of cussing as I often speak in similar made up fashion.
I: I also like the softness of George, him being earth, which is my favourite element. And I laughed about Warden, it reminded me of how I sometimes pronounce sayings wrong, and then in Dutch. Or I make my own and nobody gets what I’m saying. I hate/love Dustin, you have to read to find out why. And I think you will get it. I love all the boys, their own personality’s. Stunich and James wrote them so good.

Reading this book, it made our day. And the many twists and turns, are great and easy to follow. Again the writing between the two authors is streamless and beyond impressive.

A: I really enjoyed the reference made to their own work. And I love the link to C.M Stunich’s Hard Rock Roots with the Turner Campbell pjs. But not only that, where do I get Kit Davenport fox PJ’s? Loving the Pokemon references even if Ari wasn’t too fond.

Ari is a fantastic character, she is always so funny especially when she tries so hard to create all the plumbing and now electrical puns. The guys are amazing and only seem to become stronger with their relationship even with the changes that this book brought.

And we both want to say that we could have done with a better ending. We both aren’t happy about the one in place, if you want to know what we mean, check the book for yourself.

I: One more thing, it was a great and fantastic book. Can’t wait for the third one. Want to know what happens next. I need to know what happens next, it is now Monday and I’m still thinking about the book and the ending.

Get your copy here. and start reading the second part. If you haven’t start the first part, why did you read this review then? And start reading it now, buy it here.

Have a nice and spicy read.

Amanda & Idonea



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