Elements of Mischief

elements of mischiefAmanda & Idonea: Who know that plumbers could be so sexy. And we don’t mean the ones with oversized belly’s and butt cracks showing (sorry for hurting some feelings).
Well C.M Stunich and Tate James made it so. Elements of Mischief, the first in the Hijinks Harem is one of the best reads of the year.

Main character, Arizona Morgan Smoke a former barista inherits her grandmother’s house after her Gram’s recent death. Little did Arizona, Ari, know that her grandmother’s mansion was going to be falling down with $17,000 plumbing repairs needed. Ari is tired of walking the three blocks down the street just to use the bathroom. Her original quote being a little too high, Ari takes the advice of the first plumber and agrees to have his son and crew look at her drains.

I: And no that wasn’t a bad joke, this is how the book goes. And believe me, you are going to love it. If you are in to, plumber jokes, hot sex on paper and men who are Wowza.

In walked Shane or Skeeter

A: Why they called a grown man Skeeter, goes beyond me. So further with the book.

A sexy and gorgeous man, who knew he would be a plumber capable of snaking more than just the pipes. Ari sends Shane to her bathroom and likes his Southern hospitality that she decides to try it for herself. But bringing lemonade to a thirsty plumber has so many more consequences that Ari ever anticipated.

While Ari thought that Shane had been alone, in fact two of his co-workers were there to help clean up Ari’s plumbing. What she sees is one “dragon” made of water (Reg) and another that looks like a tree (George). After fainting and coming too, Ari learns that she is now a shimmer and the only way she can survive is if she becomes the mate of the supernatural that brought her into their world or else she is hunted down and killed. So George, who is super sweet and kind, and Reg, who is a complete nympho, decide that Ari can be their girlfriend. As Ari continues to freak out over the turn of events, her best friend, Britt, comes for a visit. Shane not wanting to be left out takes Ari into the kitchen to show her his elemental form as well. Not to be undone, Billy, the forth member of the plumbing crew, shows up later in the day to share his fire form with her. Ari fights the guys to allow them to take her as their girlfriend and decided that she would rather hide or fight before giving herself over to four sexy guys.

A: This is a Reverse Harem with a multitude of group sex scenes that are amazing reads. This book is full of plumber puns and you can’t not help but laugh out loud throughout the whole book.
I: It was one of the best books I read in this year. With it I think maybe four others, or more I don’t know. Only this book was So good, so funny, I was hooked from the first moment. And believe me I was first skeptical about a book with plumbers and that had so much sex in it. It opened a whole new world for me in the Reverse Harem themed books. And, I am proud to say, I liked it.

A: This is one of the funniest books that I have ever read, and the steamy was way up there. I can say that I have read this book more than twice and I laugh every time and enjoy every minute of the read. Each of the guys are amazing and so full of witty remarks and statements, you can’t help but be envious of Ari, even as her house falls down around her. The dynamics of the relationships are so fun from Ari and Britt to Ari and the “dragons”, that aren’t even dragons but elementals.

We both loved that you get to know more about who Ari is and her relationship to the guys, and then her dead grandmother who keeps popping up as her guardian ghost. We said it before, the sex scenes keep you breathless.

Written between two authors, the book is so seamless that you can’t tell where one stops and the other begins.

A: I’ve seen the two authors post on social media about certain sections or lines the other has written where they couldn’t stop laughing but there is no break anywhere in the story.

To say it all again, we loved the book, the story in it, it is not a book filled with sex scenes it still has something to tell you. You get hooked on the plumber jokes, the sexy man and how it sounds so real that I could happen to you. And I think, (sorry to our husband and boyfriend) we both wished it would happen to us…

The second installment, Elements of Ruin did come out on December 10th 2017, with a cover reveal for book three, Elements of Desire.  Check out our review of that book as well.
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Have a nice read.

Amanda & Idonea



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