The Runaways

Runaways: Reverse Harem Romance (The Challenge Book 3) by [Harlem, Lily]The third book in The Challenge series Runaways is here.  By Lily Harlem, Runaways takes Olivia and her 5 boyfriends to the interior of South Africa to build a hospital for Anya, a friend they had made in the second book.  The team including Mason and Lucas’s brother Peter, a doctor use to working in extreme conditions, set out to build a much needed hospital with the funds from Raoul and Lucas’ Vegas venture. Evan plans the build, Mason and Lucas bring electrical and plumbing know how, Olivia is an engineer, and Harry is another set of hands.

Olivia, truly judged by Peter, keeps her relationship with her five guys hot and heavy with steamy scenes and group sex throughout the latest edition.  Collecting and procuring all of the items to build in Africa takes less time, but with Harry being rich it seems to make up for it.  

Olivia is often distracted by how she thinks Peter sees her and her relationship not only with his brothers, but with the other three as well.

Once they arrive in Anya’s village, they are greeted by her father who has multiple wives, making Olivia feel a little less out of it. She attempts to hide her relationship, but confides in Anya, who sees nothing wrong with it.  

Olivia grows with each of the boys and Peter starts to weigh in on her thoughts.  How he fits in with the others and if she has feelings for him like she does for her established harem.  


I enjoyed this next part of The Challenge series.  I loved the description of the scenery as I would love to see more of the African continent. While the relationship with each of the guys came about with the previous books and grew from their time together, first stranded on the island, and then traveling across the country working for their keep, the inclusion of Peter into her harem seemed forced and out of place.  Never in the book did I grow to like Peter or like anything that he did or said.  I felt like his judgemental attitude never left and he was doing this for a piece of ass his brothers had already had.  He as a character in their group was fine, but when he wants more from Olivia I just felt that it seemed out of place.


The writing was well done and extremely visual in all aspects, and I look forward to book 4, though I now have reservations to what is happening.  Hopefully with the next book my thoughts can change, especially with the cliffhanger that the reader is left with on the final pages.  Book 4 Stowaways is due out on February 20, 2018.


Check out The Runaways here.

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And pre-order Stowaways here 


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