Distant Light

Distant Light - Reverse Harem Romance (Tales From the Edge Book 1) by [Adler, Chloe]Book One in the Tales from the Edge series – Distant Light, was a good read full of vampires, shifters and witches.  This is the first in the series, but author Chloe Adler has written about the Edge before in her stand alone prequels, Living on the Edge series.  This series introduces the reader to Iphigenia Holt (don’t even ask me to pronounce her first name), a witch that lives under the iron fist of her controlling mother. Iphigenia is an aerial performer at the local circus specializing in Silk acrobatics and is also a strong empath, though she hides that skill from everyone. Her gift gives her the ability to see not only what people are feeling but also what they are thinking due to those feelings. Living under her mother’s house, she doesn’t get the chance to ever be more. Treated poorly and spoken down to by her mother leaves Iphigenia somewhat timid and having never lived her own life even at the age of 20. Her mother’s boyfriend, a vampire moves into the house where she meets his grandson Rhys, much to her mother’s unhappiness.

Rhys goes to the circus to see Iphigenia and takes his three cousins, though they are more like brothers. Iphigenia unused to the interest of anyone begins to see the brothers behind her mother’s back.  The four brothers came to the Edge in search of someone that was able to put Iphigenia at risk, they all begin to have feelings for her and her interest in each brother grows. The Edge is full of witches, shifters, and vampires.


I will have to say my favorite part about this book is how each of the shifters has a small, medium, and large form.  I thought that was super creative and a great way to allow each character to be even more.  The writing was well done and showed the complexities of each of the characters.  I also liked that the main character wasn’t the best at being a witch. While many authors make their female lead better than anyone else, Iphigenia is only average and seeks out others to help her. It shows a depth of character that can only grow throughout other books in the series.  While there isn’t a date yet for book two, Radiant Light, the next cover has been released.  Hopefully the wait won’t be too long especially with the ending Chloe left us with.


Pick up your copy here.


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