Polar Destiny

Polar Destiny: A Reverse Harem Novel (The Drowning Book 1) by [MacKinnon, Skye]Polar Destiny the first in The Drowning by Skye MacKinnon takes place in dystopian future where the polar ice caps and the greenhouse effect has flooded the world where very few places remain.  High ground has turned into islands where communities settle  Isla is on the island of Salvation under the thumb of her controlling uncle. In this new world woman’s rights have been taken away and their main place now is to be men’s property and produce children.  Isla has been luckier than others, she was able to hold off the typical marriage at 14, but at the age of 20, her uncle attempts to force her into an abusive marriage to better his lot at leader.  Knowing that isn’t the life for her, Isla flees on the winter solstice onto the ice running away from the Scottish island of Salvation.

With only the clothes on her back, Isla runs into the wilds with no hope but strong determination to escape from the life behind her.  She begins to go through the break down of hypothermia until she lays down to sleep.  But her story doesn’t end there.

Isla wakes up in a cottage surrounded by hunky men that seem larger than life.  Well and a little furrier too.  Isla meets four bear shifters and worries for her safety and an an attempt to flee injures her ankle.  The bear shifters prove their worth and tell Isla of an island in Scotland where only bear shifters live.  Will the five make it there?  How can all of their relationship grow when the Alpha sets his sights on Isla?


I enjoyed this book.  While it wasn’t long, it was still entertaining and a nice read for the evening.  Isla while at first doesn’t seem strong, even though she fled from abuse, grows to be powerful and not afraid of anything.  The lore created in the book is very entertaining and I like the shift of focus from wolf shifters to bears.  I liked how Isla became snarkier and found that lines in the book had me laughing out.  My favorite in the book being “Not everybody can be a giant teddy bear” in reference to learning that the guys plan to stay with her, though have to shift every few hours into their bear forms. The writing was well crafted and I look forward to the second book in the series Polar Fates due out in Spring of 2018.


Pick up Polar Destiny here.


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