Three Trials

threetrailsThe Three Trials are here and what a trial it was.
The second book in the Dark Side series by Kristy Cunning was just released and the only way to read it is in one sitting, if you can. The previous book left off with the Brothers and ‘Keyla’ in Hell at a ball hosted by Lucifer himself. Little did the group know that they would be forced into the Trials in their tuxes. The guys and Keyla are sent to the heart of Hell’s stomach and told that they must complete all of the trials and survive. And this isn’t a fun little picnic. The Devil gives all of the groups 3 days to make it through. This is a hard task to complete. Luckily Lamar gave them the warning that the riddles would be the most important thing to get through.
After the group appears, the trial starts and they are left in a canyon with two directions, up a cliff face or through a forest. The cliff face holds the best view so up the five go. Keyla spends the majority of the time in her phantom form, worried that the eyes of the Devil might be on her at anytime. The challenges gets harder and harder, but the riddles seem to make sense to Keyla. Which helps her saving them over and over. She also finds out that the guys like her more then they led on when it gets too hot under their feet and she saves the day.
But the trials are only part of this book. Keyla learns more about herself and who the four guys are, she finds more and more things about her past then she liked. And she figures out why she can’t bear to be away from the boys. She comes to the realization that she would do anything for the four, and in fact has. Even going so far as to confront the Devil on more than one occasion.

Amanda: Wow, Keyla becomes even more of a badass in this book. I love that she has no fear in this book and knows that it is her job to protect her men.
Idonea: I didn’t see this coming, and with this I mean everything in the book.

The writing is still so strong, gives us a lot more depth when each character grows and when they find out more and more about their past. Kristy Cunning wrote this book so well, I makes you ache for more.

A: I especially love the fact that she still keeps switching favorites based on what each guy gives her. And the fact that Kai who was the third least favorite gets to move up the ranking. Jude for most of the book is his uncharming self.
I: which made me mad from time to time.
A: He keeps getting worried about the “Evil Vagina” that was out to get him.
I: I liked the fact that Kristy writes about an “Evil vagina” and still makes a joke in the same sentence, or a joke on the same page. I laughed so hard about the evil vagina moments.

We loved the fact that when you keep reading, and no not that the book ends, that you find out the truth of everything, it comes together so well. It leaves us waiting for book three. Book two was like an in the moment release so we will try to keep you updated when book 3 might be released.
If you haven’t bought book two, buy it here and start reading.

For book one, check it out here.
Have a nice read,

Amanda & Idonea


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