Odessa Lace – Marea Mystic #5: Sorcery in Atlantis

Odessa Lace - Marea Mystic #5: Sorcery in Atlantis (Odessa Lace: Marea Mystic) by [Clarke, Deb]
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The fifth Odessa Lace book is finally here!  Odessa Lace – Marea Mystic #5: Sorcery in Atlantis by Deb Clarke is the most recent in the series.  Odessa Lace is a outgoing heroine that willingly puts herself at risk to help those around her.  She isn’t naive in what she does, but she as the Marea Mystic genuinely wants to help others. And Sorcery in Atlantis is no different.

Odessa is asked by her friend Parthena, a dijinn in the worlds that she lives between to help Parthena comes to terms with the unusual behavior of her sister, Seraphina. But there is a catch.  Odessa is asked to visit Parandor Magical School for Gifted Girls in Atlantis.  Only problem is that Odessa can’t do magic.  She is a mystic that can tell auras and know what is in people’s hearts.

Odessa can only agree to help especially for the chance to go to Atlantis where her mother’s family is originally from.

As with her previous ventures, Ignatius, the gypsy prince tasked with being her protector agrees to take her.  She plans her trip and lies to non magical father just to do this task.  

Once in Atlantis, Odessa learns about the life and knowledge that Atlantis holds. She makes friends with Camilla, a witch that also attends her normal high school back home. Odessa with the help of the school’s headmistress, works to solve the issues behind Seraphina’s change from happy go lucky student to solemn and broody.
With the help of her inquisitive nature and her friends new and old, Odessa finds herself up to her eyes in dijinn of all kinds.  Can Odessa help?  Check out the latest development.  And if you haven’t read the first four books I recommend you check them out. These a Young Adult and worth every minute of the read to make it to this book.  Look for reviews of each of the books in the coming weeks.


This might be my favorite Odessa Lace book yet, even though I loved book four and the growing relationship between Odessa and Adam (her bestfriends brother and who she has been in love with for a long time).  I missed his presence in the book, but expected something similar after the ending in the fourth book Odessa continues to grow in her skills in martial arts and her skills understanding what it takes to be the Marea Mystic. She becomes this heroine that you can’t help but follow, you have to know her even more.  Her soul is sad and she tries to work through it.  I love her grandmother and envy their relationship with the love that is there.  And Nick (her grandma’s boyfriend that Odessa is quite certain is Santa Claus) is always a fun character to here about.

I like that she is never afraid to face what has to happen and that other people are her priority.  Her selflessness makes her such a strong character because she doesn’t allow anyone to walk on her or take away from helping others.  She is a great role model for girls of any age to look up too.

I’m just going to sit in the corner rereading the ending about Adam so I can in to anything that might be there. What are you beliefs?  I would love to know what you think.


Pick up your copy here of Book 5.


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