Their Siren

Their Siren (Daughters of Olympus Book 1) by [Hart, Charlie, James, Anastasia]Their Siren the first in the Daughters of Olympus books was not as i expected.  Book moved much too fast and did not naturally or organically flow.  The story follows Harlow on the day of her 21st birthday.  Spending it alone as her best friend, Chloe, has to go to the hospital in early labor with her four spouses in tow.  Apparently Chloe has her own book series detailing her own reverse harem. Harlow is fresh from her first tattoo of a seal and waves and decides to take a swim in the ocean. She swims and swims following a seal that leads her ten miles out into the ocean whereas she is trapped by a whirlpool and fished out of the ocean by 4 hunky sailors, Kai, Eric, Crew and West.  Four men diverted from their sailing competition because they couldn’t resist the siren song that Harlow had no idea she was singing. As this is a reverse harem, Harlow quickly hooks up with all four guys on the boat then the next day before anyone wakes leaves them wondering if it was real or a dream.

Harlow attempts to go back to her previous life but can’t seem to escape the four sailors.

The writing was good in the book, my biggest concern was that with the shortness of the story things progressed much too quickly.  The main core of the book happens in about two days and seems even for fantasy like it was forced.  I enjoyed how the chapters were broken up by each character getting a say on events that happened and how the dynamic of the guys was not as opening and accepting of the other males when Harlow wasn’t around.  I was extremely unhappy with the ending and thought that it detracted more from the story than adding to it.  I’m not sure why the authors wrote it the way they did, but I know I was not happy towards the end of the book, which was most likely the authors whole goal.  The ending will totally stay with me.  I also felt like whoever did Harlow’s tattoo did a really bad job explaining to her that you shouldn’t be in standing water until after your tattoo heals as it won’t heal and you can get serious infection, hell people die from that, and salt water/the ocean is the worst because of all the microorganisms living in it.

Book two Their Mate comes out January 12, 2018, pre-order it here.  Also check the book out for yourself and let me know what you think.  I would love to know.  With the line up for book two done and book three also ready, I will be checking it out to see how the Daughters of Olympus progresses.


Get your copy of The Siren here.


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    • She hooks up with them after about knowing them for about five minutes and then later gets pregnant (2 months or less). I’m not sure for the Chloe story the time line for her getting pregnant

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