Undercover Magic

Don’t let the title full you, Undercover Magic is not hiding itself away.  The first in the newest series by Linsey Hall, Undercover Magic follows the story of Bree, previously introduced in Linsey Halls Dragon’s Gift series.  This newest book in her world takes place 5 years after the end of Nix’s last book.  

Bree and her sister Ana are back in the ‘real’ Death Valley still driving people to the Hideout, but that is about to change.  Bree and Ana are Unknowns and have been hiding out from a group that had been hunting them since their youth.  The mysterious third member of their buggy team is mentioned and also explained as to why they are not there. To stay hidden Bree and Ana month to month by a concealment charm from the most unsavory of men, Ricketts.  The girls haven’t been able to pay and Ricketts sends some of his goons to take his pound of flesh.

While the girls fight it out, a new group lands on the scene lead by the devilishly handsome Cade.  But don’t let that follow you, he is more than just a sexy face, in fact it’s closer to godliness.

Bree and Cade are thrown together as they try to find questions to Bree and Ana’s path.  Making new friends isn’t exactly all they have going on.

Having read the 15 or so books that came before this, it was fun to escape the Firesouls (though Aiden, be still my heart) and get to learn more about the mystery sisters from Death Valley.  Bree is a fun heroine that gets to learn to trust and learns who she could be if only given the chance.  She keeps kicking ass and taking names and how she approaches situations is commendable.  I use to think Aiden in this universe would be the one for me, but Cade is a front runner now, crazy.  Must be all his skills so different than any of the other male leads that Linsey has written.  

The introduction of the new side characters was great.  Caro is awesome and written so strongly that you know even without any help she is all kickass.  And thee dijinn are fun and bring in a new type of supernatural we hadn’t met yet in this universe.

The writing was awesome, and I know that the release date was pushed back for some changes, names moved around and what not.  Linsey doesn’t fail to add another great story to her Firesoul Universe.


Book 2: Academy of Magic is due out December 15, 2017.  Pick up Undercover Magic here and pre-order Academy of Magic here.


For those of you who haven’t read the previous Dragon’s Gift Series here is a little synopsis to get you there.  

Three women, living in a totally magical community hidden from wandering humans, own and treasure hunt for items that have magic about to become an issue, if it is allowed to release.  The girls are in hiding as they are something that the magical community has determined to be too dangerous to allow to let live.  They are FireSouls, magic users bonded over the generations with a piece of a dragon.  This gives them the ability to seek whatever they determine as treasure, have their own personal dragon hordes (each one has three things that they collect), and lastly the ability to steal others powers killing that person.  For this last reason FireSouls are hunted. The first five book series, Dragon’s Gift: Huntress, follows Cass and the trouble she finds herself in with Aiden, the Origin.  The next five book series, Dragon’s Gift: Seeker, follows phantom Del and the Warden of Hell Roarke.  And lastly the last five books, Dragon’s Gift: The Protector, follows and ends with Nix and the Enforcer Ares.


Each series adds on to one another, though according to Linsey Hall can be read out of order, though I don’t recommend it.  Check out buying each of the series here.



1. Ancient Magic

2. Mirror Mage

3. Stolen Magic

4. Eternal Magic

5. Infinite Magic


1. Magic Undying

2. Demon Magic

3. Magic Revealed

4. Magic Wild

5. Phantom Magic


1. Fugitive of Magic

2. Trial by Magic

3. Origin of Magic

4. Enemy of Magic

5. Forged in Magic

1. Undercover Magic

2. Academy of Magic – Dec 2017


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