CoverThe much anticipated book three of the Curse of the Gods is finally here.


Seduction by Jane Washington and Jaymin Eve topped the charts its first day at #2 on the Amazon best sellers list passing over authors like E.L. James.

A: And was the book worth all of the anticipation?
I: O yeah.
A: I would definitely say Yes, Yes. And if you haven’t read the first two, Trickery or Persuasion, stop now and read them first.

Once again we find ourselves in Minatsol following the story of Willa Knight and the Abcurse brothers. Willa finds herself wanting to come to the rescue of Emmy, her best friend and pseudo sister, after the untimely murder of Emmy’s boyfriend Atti in book two (Persuasion). Willa, as normal, finds herself in deeper trouble than she bargains for and the Abcurse brothers are taken along for the ride.
From getting Rome stuck in a closet to revisiting how much she detests the pact the brothers had made, Willa is up to her normal hijinks, or is she?

I:Ssst We don’t want to tell too much.

Willa and the boys are quite determined that she is the Chaos Beta, after the curse hit Willa in Trickery (book one) that was designed by Rau the god of Chaos.

A: and a total shweed.

Willa through her Chaos learns a few nice things, thing she suddenly can do, and those things create more Chaos, even more then her tripping over her own feet, falling into dwellers and sols or even then her own fondness for being naked.
The dynamics of the group start to shift and the pact….. (A: read the book), especially with the recurrence of Cyrus the Neutral God of Topia. After soul-linking with Willa in book two, it seems even he can’t stay away.

Willa as normal finds herself in more trouble, but this time, she has to get out of it herself.

A: What can I say, book three was amazing. This book had so much more of Willa having to learn how to not only be tough and fight for herself, but also gives her the chance to do the rescuing (well rescuing in her mind).
I: I read it as soon as I woke up, stopped for life and started reading when I got home. I finished it on the same day it came out. And it was great, awesome, amazeballs and in Dutch super gaaf.

A: What was good about the book is that Willa gets the change to grow as a character and in this book, I felt like she got to step out from the Abcurse shadow when proving she too can be bad ass.
I: I liked it that she was more on her own, that she showed us who she is without the brothers. Only I missed them, I think as much as she did. Maybe even more. I’m a love sick puppy when it comes to them. Yeah, book boyfriends are kind of real people. *Smiling like a crazy cat lady here*
A:Ok, so they aren’t around as much as in the two previous books, reflecting on it, it seems the best way for Willa to start proving herself in her own mind. And I missed the boys too in this book.
I: They are mine! My precious… *uchm* what is happening?

A: I loved Willa’s new brand of chaos in the book. Can’t blame her for using it on the boys, I laughed as she forced everyone else to be naked instead of herself for once. For once Willa isn’t the only one alone, though I guess she kind of was.
I: The way that Willa gets a bigger role in this book is great, it gave us also some more explanation about who she may be or why she is this way. And then I mean the bad ass, sol kicking kind of way. Oke and her clumsy curse moments, which made me laugh. This book has a few really good funny moments. It is written so well, the humour is great, the story is almost to perfection (if that exists). And it was worth the wait, for me. I hope for you all out there also.

We didn’t discuss Cyrus, so here he is. We both like him. He is the guy you don’t really want to have hanging around only you can’t live without him. He was one of our favourite characters in book two, but with the additional page time that he got here, we liked the change that his character was going through due to Willa.

I: It gave me so much more to think about.
A: I liked hem even more after this book.

He seemed like such a stick in the mud and then by the end, he became so much more. His character growth is written so well that it seems completely natural and one could believe that she could hold sway over Neutral.

The writing like in the other two is done from Willa’s point of view and is just as streamlined between the two authors. There aren’t any breaks or ways to tell which author wrote what parts. They bring the whole story together beautifully.
The ending, while we figured out it had to end, we both were surprised about it. We both have read the theories that were going on, on Facebook and the ones we talked about. Only we started reading open minded, not wanting to hope for an ending we liked the most. The ending was surprising and it shock us both, we both didn’t think about that one.

I: I’m still in a book hangover here, and believe me I read a lot of theories and thought about a lot of them myself, still didn’t see this one coming.

As always this is one of the best series we read and hopefully book four will be soon so we don’t have to wait after the ending Jane and Jaymin put us through.

Have a nice read
Amanda & Idonea


Check out Seduction here


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