Dragon’s Curse

Dragon's Curse: a Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance (The Dragon's Gift Trilogy Book 3) by [Walt, Jasmine, Sage, May]The final book in the Dragon’s Gift series by Jasmine Walt and May Sage has been released.

Idonea: And it was so good!!!

This reverse harem novel follows the continuing story of Dareena and the three dragonbron princes Drystan, Lucyan and Alistair. With the death of Taldren and the kidnapping of Basilla, Dareena and her mates are unsure how to move next. The dragons can feel the warlocks right on their doorstep. Royals (Basilla’s brother) and Lucyan decide to infiltrate the warlock lands in order to learn more about what is going on and to find and rescue Basilla before anything can happen to her at the hands of the warlock prince. Alistair joins his sisters in training the remaining military forces to prepare for war. And as always Drystan is left at the castle to deal with the politics of home. But Drystan is lucky to still get to stay close to a pregnant Dareena. Drystan is able to visit the Dragon God.

Amanda: Totally love the god.

And learn of some of his plans. He also is told how to recognize the next Oracle. Dareena in her pregnant state is given three ladies in waiting, one of them being her enemy from Hallowdale, Lyria. More issues arise, that even the dragon princes can’t anticipate.Read More »


Sovereign, Irdesi Empire

SovereignSovereign, Irdesi Empire book two, by Addison Cain, is the second book, and the continuation of the story around Sigil/Quinn.

If you haven’t read the first review check here, and get your copy of the first one here.

The story of Sigil continues in this second book. She is taken to a different planted after the destruction on Pax. A planet where she is kept to heal, to get better. After all the destruction on Pax, she lost a part of her life there. And now she mourns, being alive, in the hands of the people who did this to her. Learning to live a new life, the Brotherhood tries to get her attention, tries to make her feel better, tries to make her happy and in love with her family.
The hate she has for the Sovereign is still there, the need to kill him, kill the brotherhood all that is still there. It doesn’t matter how hard the Sovereign tries, how hard the brotherhood tries, she keeps hurting them that was wat she was trained to do. And there is more, a secret the Sovereign keeps from her, an important part of her life that needs to be told. Only of fear that she will run, kill and be lost again keeps the brotherhood silent.
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Pack Violet Shadow

pack violet shadowBook two of the Seven Mates of Zara Wolf, Pack Violet Shadow by C.M. Stunich is even better than the first. The group along with Zara include Nic of Pack Ebon Red, Jaxson of Pack Azure Frost, Silas of Pack Obsidian Gold, Anubis of Pack Crimson Dusk, Montgomery of Pack Ivory Emerald, Che of Pack Violet Shadow and Tidus of Pack Amber Ash. This book opens where the last left off with the new pack hunt, Zara and her seven mates after seeing the vampire attack while out hunting the moose return to share some of what they had learned to Nikolina, the Alpha female, and some of the other male alphas. Nikolina shares the information of the mating between Che and Zara while Nic barely holds in his anger. She also learns of the impromptu meeting between the eight and the Unseelie Queen. Zara and her mates are working towards learning more about the missing mates and as they research and dig deeper, more of the vile side of her world is revealed. From run ins with witches to vampire queens, Zara and her mates find themselves learning more than they thought was possible.  Zara gets to get frisky with not one or two, but all of her new mates and the scenes are steamy and not for the faint of heart. While her best friend Faith comes back, there is trouble on that front since she is human and doesn’t understand how werewolves are. Zara learns the most important thing, that she is destined to have not just one soul mate but seven, helping her realize that at the end of a year she wouldn’t have to pick only one of the guys that she is with. Nic starts to come to terms with sharing Zara especially after understanding her heart a little more.

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Shifter’s University

Shifter's University by [Thompson, K.R.]Shifter’s University the first in the series by the same name by K.R. Thompson is a good read, though rather short for my taste. The book follows Claire and Logan two shifters that are brought together by happenstance.  Logan is a dragon shifter that is almost forced to work for the school he attends as he has issues with authority.  Claire is a fox shifter that comes from an abusive foster home. Logan is shown to Claire by her best friend and witch Hadley.  Claire is invited to join the local private school nicknamed Shifter University by the residents. During the summer months only shifters are allowed to attend. This helps those students practice their shifting, but also prepare them to live in the outside world. Claire has a foster brother that she is close to and a foster father she wants to escape from.  Once Claire finally gets out, she joins others like her at school. But school has more than she bargains for.  Not only in her love interest Logan, but in learning that she isn’t just the average fox. She creates friends and enemies and learns about her real past.

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Sigil, Irdesi Empire

SigilSigil, Irdesi Empire Book One by Addison Cain. I first heard about this book on Facebook. Other readers said it is a dark and twisted book, something I didn’t really agree too. Maybe I have a different idea of dark and twisted.

The book tells the story of Sigil/Quinn a modified human. She lives on a ship named Pax with an alien keeper, Que an Axirlan. An alien kind that doesn’t show emotions, they are strong and powerful. She is on the run from her past or better said the Sovereign. He is the leader of the empire. And like her, he is also modified by the humans, to be better, stronger and more powerful. He wants her, to keep her and overpower her. She is his obsession, his consort. And Sigil is on the run from him, for years she kept hidden on Pax, living her life as a slave.  Que is her master and her lover.
The sovereign finds her and wants to get her home, no matter what, she is coming “home” with him.Read More »

The Dragon’s Wing

the dragons wingThe second of the Kit Davenport books is a shock to the system.  The Dragon’s Wing by Tate James takes the reader on a rollercoaster that you don’t want to see the end of. Kit has joined River’s team officially now.  While everyone else loves Kit, Austin still acts like an asshole. On a paintball outing of capture the flag, Kit is taken from under the guys noses.  She ends up trapped with numerous other women, forced to change into an overly revealing out that is very much out of character for her.  She comes to the realization that she is has been captured as part of a human trafficking ring.  Once she is forced on stage she sees a blast from the past who is bidding on her.  

With her luck, she is purchased by a mysterious stranger. Kit is then taken away to a house on the hill by the mystery stranger The Romanian, Dragomir Valeriu du Romane, or better known as Vali.  Kit is held at his home, though is told she will be sold again to her worst enemy, Mr. Grey. She attempts to escape by climbing out of a window, but is pulled to safety by Vali. Little does she suspect that he has plans of his own.  When he is injured, Kit tries to use her healing ability on him but it goes sideways. Kit learns more about her guys, the steamy gets knocked up a notch and Kit finally starts learning more about who she is and who her mother was. This reverse harem novel is such a great read.

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Cross the Hall Magic

Cross the Hall Magic (Believers Book 1) by [Guyer, C.V.]First book by writing mother and daughter team, Cross the Hall Magic, in their Believers series is a super cute, YA book. The book follows the story of Laney a computer hacker and her across the hall neighbor Max Cross, world renowned magician. Laney like every day hunts her buildings mailman waiting for packages to be delivered, but this day is a little different than the others.  Her neighbor Max is helping his next door neighbor fix yet another broken lightbulb on her from stoop.  What catches Laney’s eye is a small minion tattoo (yep those bello minions) on his rather nicely toned backside. Max has had a crush on Laney and doesn’t quite grasp why everyone on his floor has been paying him a little more mind, including Laney.  He finds her checking him out and finally (after Laney’s package goes missing) getting the nerve asks her over.  Max, though isn’t just a magician working card tricks, he is a real magic user with the power over illusion, making his job choice perfect for him. With a few pieces of bewitched clothes, thanks to his mom and sister, Max makes a bigger splash then he had intended to at his day job.  After the help of his magical kitchen, Laney learns that all she had believed in was true. She often is forced to watch her best friend Mac’s pet pig Oswald. And as a former pig owner, there is just something different about Oswald. Laney gets introduced to different parts of Max’s life and meets members of his family that are a little bonkers.

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