Ruled by Blood Series

Blood Huntress (Ruled by Blood Book 1) by [Shows, Izzy]Ruled by Blood, one of the newest complete series by Izzy Shows begins simple enough with the separation and decimation of a group of people. Series starts with Blood Huntress, Blood Slave, and Blood Queen, and a prequel Blood Captive. Simple in the fact that the ruling class of vampires in a future America are attempting to kill or capture one group of people.  The Blood Mages.  This is where we learn about our  heroine, Nina.  Nina had been a prisoner from the time she was 6 until her breakout by the leader of the werewolves, a group thought to be extinct. 

Blood Slave (Ruled by Blood Book 2) by [Shows, Izzy]

 Nina learns to be an assassin in order to hide who she really is. For her resistance movement against the vampires, Nina willingly goes undercover to be thrall (blood giver and kindof slave) to the ruling vampires.  She goes in thinking she will be just like everyone else, but instead is picked by the King of vampires, Grayson.  Little does the king know why she is there. Nina begins the trials of navigating living in the vampire royal palace as the kings thrall.  All of the books are told in split views between Nina and Grayson’s point of views sometimes overlapping in events.

Blood Queen (Ruled by Blood Book 3) by [Shows, Izzy]

I really enjoyed this series, I am an avid Izzy Shows reader and this series was one of her best.  While her Codex Blair is longer and on going, it was nice to read a series that had a definite ending.  Nina is a fun main character that while worrying about what everyone else will think learns to come into her own.  After having to live through abuse, Nina becomes stronger and realizes that she is more capable than she ever thought.  Grayson is just amazing.  I would happily be his thrall. He is a complicated character that was forced into his role earlier than he was ever prepared for.  He remembers the one person that he felt he had a connection with and always looked for that same woman.  Knowing that he could never have the hunter that he wanted.  


The three books were such a strong read, I read them in about two days. Myths and Magic: a Limited Edition Collection of Science Fiction and Fantasy by [Adrienne, Kerry, McMaster, Bec, Cohen, Bryan, Lane, Casey, Gilbert, L.B., Kerrion, Jade, Renwick, Anne, Lace, Lisa, Amade, Melle, Trozzo, Michael, Leon, Katalina,  Lily Thorn, Ilana Waters, Erin Richards, R.E. Vance, Cheri Schmidt ,  Tristan Hunt, CC Dragon,  Bradon Nave,  D.A. Roach,  Katalina Leon,  Boone Brux, Eric Padilla,  Izzy Shows, Michelle Hercules]I was not as impressed with the prequel story and found that harder to read.  I read the three full length books first and then went back and read the prequel after I learned of its existence at the end of Book 2.  Nina is a character that i could continue to read as her growth and who she wants to be changes in a natural way.  Grayson will a little more hard headed becomes who I wouldn’t mind spending time with. And never discount Alex.  He might have been my favorite character throughout the entire series and I loved when he was in scenes.


Overall an amazing read, one that I would recommend, especially if you are looking for a completed series.  

Check out:

Book one here

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Book three here

and the Prequel here


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