Agent of the Fae

Agent of the Fae (Dark Fae FBI Book 4) by [Rivers, Alex, Crawford, C.N.]Contains spoilers if you haven’t read the first three books

Agent  of the Fae is the last installment of the Dark Fae FBI Series by C.N. Crawford and Alex Rivers.  The final book follows what happened to Cassandra after the death of the Unseelie king.  Cass has finally taken on the mantel of Mistress of Dread and is no longer afraid to act on it.  There is only one small issue, where she drew her power from is no more.  Cass struggles with her feelings for Roan trying to decide if she wants to be his soulmate as Roan knows her to be.

Cass is afraid to leave her life behind, what she knew in the United States before coming to London.  But she has to decide if belonging to the Unseelie is what she really wants.  And through all of these struggles war has come between the Seelie and the Unseelie courts.  Cass and Roan have to take a stand to end the bloodshed of not just the Fae but of also the humans living in London.  As the Mistress of Dread, Cass has to decide.

As the final book in the series, I have to say it ended amazingly.  Roan is still the most amazing of characters and each book, including this one getting to know and understand his motives is one of the best parts.  Cass struggles as always, but when she accepts her fear, understanding her own House and Court she becomes super badass.  Even with loss in the book (totally made me sad when it happened) the story keeps growing better and better.  C.N. Crawford and Alex Rivers create a seamless story, you would never know it was written by three people.  Sad that the series is over, as I always want to know what happens after a series is done, but the fights and the action scenes are so well written its almost like being on the sidelines watching everything unfurl.


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