Academy of Assassins

Academy of Assassins, Book One by Stacey Brutger, is the first in the Academy of Assassins novel. The Academy of Assassins follows the story of Morgan, a supernatural without a past. Found as a child wandering the woods, Morgan was brought in by the local magic leader and trained to be an assassin where women are trained as witches never assassins. Morgan knows her abilities and pushes herself to the limit in order to prove her worth surrounded by people that want her dead. After spending a few years as a hunter she is forced to attend to Academy in order to find and eliminate the killer that is hunting there.
Not being sure of her life when she lived in the coven, her life isn’t much safer at the Academy. Trying to withstand the assassination attempts on her life, she needs also figure out what to do with the team of four hunky super naturals, where she gets thrown in to.

Kincade, the team leader, Draven, Ryder and Atlas become her team. Morgan has to learn how to exist outside of the life she had known for the last ten years. Morgan begins to learn more about herself and her past and it sets up the story for book two. This is a slow burn Reverse Harem novel.

Idonea: It is a slow burn, only the good kind of slow burn. It keeps you wanting for more. Know more about the boys and Morgan.
Amanda: I honestly really enjoyed Morgan as a character. She is strong and knows her worth and isn’t afraid to fight for what she wants.

I: All the characters are written well. They have a depth in them, so they aren’t simply four really hunky man who make you drool.
A: Each of the guys in the book bring something special to help Morgan grow.

We both agree that the writing is fantastic, especially writing how Morgan feels in the new situations she has never been in. Each of the men bring such a great complementary addition to Morgan. It gave us as readers the feeling that we are part of the team of Morgan her struggles.

A: I would have to say that my love for Ryder and Draven grow through each chapter. While I’m not always into the slow burn Reverse Harems, I felt that if this had progressed at a different speed it would have detracted from the story and the building of Morgan and her relationships between her and the team.

A & I: The characters really brought something to the story and no character was left as two dimensional or lacking. Stacey wrote the first book of the series with a really good idea of what she wanted to tell us. The boys and Morgan get introduced, you get a feel for their past and who they are. Still there is more to discoverer.

I: I liked the book so much, it gave me a book hangover. There were moments I thought, o I know what is going to happen. And somethings I thought of were true and others not. It isn’t a book that gets you totally frustrated because you don’t know what happens next or you think you know and it never happened. There is a nice balance in this book. Definitely one of my new favourites.

We both look forward to Book 2, we keep looking at Stacey’s website for more information about a release date. We can’t wait.

Have a nice read,
Amanda & Idonea

Check out Academy of Assassins here


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