Four Psychos

51aVeCT1h-LFour Psychos, The Dark Side Book 1 by Kristy Cunning, pen name of C.M Owens.
Is a Reverse Harem with a slight twist.

Idonea: And if you don’t want to know this twist, stop reading this review.
Amanda: And start reading the book, it is great.

While many books start off with a less heavy intro, Four Psychos takes it to another level. Four beautiful men, one woman having a good night though in the case of Four Psychos, not the main character. She is there, to watch, like a creepier.

I: I’m writing this with an evil smile on my face, I know what happens. And believe me I still look good with that evil smile. GO and read the book.

The man character (MC) doesn’t know who she is and lived for five and a half years without the four guys knowing that she is there. And she sees it all.  After an attack on the guys, she so aptly named One, Two, Three and Four, in the house they share unbeknownst to the guys, the main character becomes corporeal enough for the four to see her, though no one else. While she thinks it will be the best event of her life, the four aren’t as happy as she would have hoped.

The MC begins to navigate in the world that the four live in, she hopes to be a part of something. After being so long invisible, she hoped to join in their escapades, in the bedroom and outside it. She gets a name and tries to deal with her life as a ghost of some kind, since she has no idea what she actually is. And learns that what she thought isn’t what really is. But she does realize that she is living with four psychos

A: This book was super funny in that the MC not only lives where people can’t really see her, but lives in her own fantasy world as well. She sets herself up for failure not really knowing who or what she is or what she would expect from four men who feel like she is a stalker.
I: I laughed out loud at some jokes and loved that the story goes differently then what you are used to. And again, the book is written really nice. Only the book is too short for me, I read it in one day. Which is great and I still liked it. Only not how short is was. Don’t let this stop you from reading it, there are always books who will be too short with a great story. Luckily there will be a second part.

A: Don’t let Idonea discourage you, because of one really great thing about this book, the main character, she has an unexpected concept of love that makes the reader die laughing when it happens. It isn’t that you don’t care about her, you really do, but her not knowing things about herself or life, makes a refreshing look at a main character that can’t exactly do anything.

A: The story has a strong writing and is great way to spend an afternoon. You keep cheering for the main character through all of her follies and mix ups.

It is the first of C.M. Owens to venture into the world of Reverse Harem.
A: And I have to say that she has done a great job.
I: I agree with you Amanda. It is short and powerful.

This is the first in a four book project. Check it out here and go read.

Have a nice read,
Amanda & Idonea


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