persuasionThe second book in the Curse of the Gods series by Jane Washington and Jaymin Eve brings even more trouble Willa´s way.

Amanda: If you haven’t checked out the first book make sure that you do to truly know what is going on.
Idonea: And stop reading here, because of small spoilers.

Book two, Persuasion, sees Willa still having her soul split between the five men in her life. Coen capable of Pain and Passion (when needed), Rome having true Strength, Aros true in the art of Seduction, Yael powers over Persuasion and Siret master of Trickery.
Throughout this book, as with the first, Willa is unable to keep herself out of running into Chaos and triggering her “Curse”. Not only the Chaos that is created by Chaos, Rau, also her being linked to the brothers, which is something not everyone likes. So she finds herself in more trouble than normal.

I: And with normal we mean not really normal, what is normal for a girl with a clumsy curse?

And to make all the chaos complete she finds herself called to participate yet again in the Arena of the Sols. Luckily she has her Boys around her, even when she gets into more trouble than before, some of it shows up right at her own front door or in this case the boy’s doors.
Not only the boy’s get to see the chaos evolve, Emmy her pseudo-sister gets to see how much more it has changed.

I: I like Emmy, cheering on Emmy, pseudo-sister number one!
A: We know Idonea *rolling with my eyes*
A: Persuasion is such an amazing tale in the saga that is Willa. As with the first book, I hate to have to put it down to do anything else.
I: I have the same problem, I don’t know what Jaymin and Jane do to these books, they make them irresistible to put down. They are well written, good story and you can relate to the characters inside the book. There is more depth in these books.

A: Like you said, Willa begins to show more, and yes we know she has a penchant for nudity, we only don’t mean that. While she still isn’t always the sharpest tool, she still attempts to do good for her men.
I: Don’t forget Emmy. Willa wants to do well for her too, help her like Emmy helped her or still helps. What would Willa do without her pseudo-sister. Go Emmy!

A: Willa’s attachment to each of the guys is greatly rounded as she can say what it is about each one that she loves, though in her mind she is well tested in this book to see if they feel about her the same way. And that will give us some more fun moments. Willa forgets herself, and this are situations that can give us the funniest parts of the book.
I: Not only that, it looks like that each book gives more and more about each person. From Willa to Emmy and of course the brothers. It gives depth to the book. Still it makes you wonder what will happen in the next installment

A: Willa has spent so much time around the Abcurses, she can’t imagine being without them. What a way to live. Five hunky men wanting to make you happy or kissing your brains out.
I: I’m sure Amanda that we both want to live like that. I would for sure.

To wrap this up. We have to say again, a brilliant book by the two lovely lady’s up top. They show how well two writers can come together and make something brilliant.

Book 3, Seduction, is going to be released November 30, 2017, don’t miss out and get caught up quick!


Have a nice read,
Amanda & Idonea


Pick up Persuasion here


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