TrickeryThe first installment in a five part series, Trickery (Curse of the Gods) is the coming together of two comedic and entertaining ladies. Written by Jane Washington and Jaymin Eve.

Amanda: Trickery is one of the best books I have read this year.
Idonea: And I totally agree with that. It was for me a laughing out loud in the train book.

Trickery is the introduction of the most likely of heroines.

I: and hot men.

Willa Knight comes from the Seventh Ring of the Dwellers, the slave caste,, in Minatsol. While not the poorest, it is one of them. Willa and her best friend Emmy are Chosen to serve the sol. Willa and Emmy are send to Blesswood, the best school for sols. Where the sols are aiming to become gods. While Emmy is graceful and perfect, Willa has a few flaws, or a curse as she calls it. Willa can’t seem to do things right, from tarring a teacher to walking a straight line.
On Willa’s first day she has the unfortunate run in with the school bullies.

I: the hot men.

Where she earns the nickname Rocks. Willa continues to do things wrong in her own Willa way. Willa begins having run ins with the five Abcurse brothers who decide to claim her as their own personal dweller.
I: For more read the book, it is worth it.

A: The writing was funny and witty giving the reader a reason to never put the book down. Each time I have read the book, it becomes a one sitting read for me.

I: Like Amanda I read the book  more than once and it doesn’t make the book old, the jokes stay funny and there is no way to tell which writer wrote which part. And that is good, no separated personality’s here.

A: The book is written a first person from Willa’s point of view so the change to see into her thoughts makes the book refreshing.

I: It is indeed refreshing, it also gives the book its humour. This book is considered to be a Reverse Harem. Meaning that there is one girl, Willa and a few men.

A: Though Willa hardly knows what to do with herself let alone 5 hunky
I: Don’t forget steamy.
A: males, two of which are twins and three that are triplets.

I: The book has a nice flow to it, the world where Willa lives in is described nicely. Giving the reader the feeling of being pulled into the book. Like Amanda already said, it is a one sitting read.

It is an amazing read with multiple in the works. Book two is currently available and Book three comes out 30 November 2017.

I&A: Have a nice read.


Get your own copy of Trickery here


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